Modern fakes, struck by known modern dies (Lipanoff Studio), currently listed on auction by Münzenhandlung Gerahrd Hirsch Nachfolger.

Italian collectors comment: “The phenomenon is evidently out of control. A filter institution above the auctions would be useful, otherwise we risk to cripple the market forever


Agrippa fakenerofake 2nerofake 1


A similar fake was listed and sold one month earlier by another German Auction house:

nerofake 3
KEYWORDS: Agrippa bulgarian dies Bronze Ae As Corona Rostrata dolphin Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger German sold fakes Gorny & Mosch Lipanoff Modern Dies Modern fakes Neptune Nero Nike ROMAN COINS Roman Imperial Shield SPQR Trident Victory

Odysseus Ithacensis, 14/04/2016

Go to: Agrippa fakes Gallery, Nero fakes Gallery

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