Akarnania, Stratos: “Not found in the major references”… I wonder why?

The U.S. auction house Gemini LCC listed this coin on January 2013, pointing out it was “not found in the major references“.

strato s fake g.jpg

In the commentary they even stated: “The coinage of Stratos has not yet been carefully studied. This coin appears to add something new to the record, an issue supplementing the output of Corinthian colonies in Acarnania and Illyria that took part in the oversea grain trade between Sicily and the mother-city Corinth“.

In fact the coin was a fantasy modern fake, combining the Sigma symbol (seen on some rare staters of Stratos) with a monogram seen on the staters issued by the polis of Rhegion, in southern Greek Italy. The inconsistence, and the evidence of the different rendering of reliefs, made immediately clear to the schoalrs’ eyes that it was a modern fake, obtained by cloning the die of an authentic stater of Stratos, and adding the Rhegion monogram. After their advice, the auction house withdrawn the lot, and the only thing “appearing to add something new to the record” was the incompetence of the experts who had accepted this coin and auctioned as authentic.

Source: http://www.lamoneta.it/topic/98299-un-falso-pegaso-di-stratos-rhegion/?hl=falso

Stratos gemini fake.jpg



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