Fake piastra of Urbano VIII currently on auction.


As spotted by the smart experts of the Italian forum Lamoneta (sources here and here), the Italian auction house Bolaffi S.p.A. is currently listing this forgery, obtained by modern transferred dies

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Another recommended reading about dies production.

pic die

I share an interesting article by Clive Stannard, titled “EVALUATING THE MONETARY SUPPLY: WERE DIES REPRODUCED MECHANICALLY IN ANTIQUITY?”. The work deals with the production of dies in antiquity. By this reading you can also indirectly acquire interesting notions to understand how some kind of modern forgeries are made.

Download the article at this link: Stannard 2008b

The (fake) coinage of Lipara. (with additions and corrections)

Lipara Hexas CNS 6 CGB Monnies43-42 pressedI ironically titled this post like an essay for a reason: today a collector eager to learn something on the coinage of Lipara he would be in great difficulty, unless he gets the rare and expensive CNS volume. In fact online databases would surely non help him, because by now, after years of auctioned forgeries, on the internet there is very little genuine to see on this mint.

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