Fakes Agrippa (again) currently on auction.

Beware collectors of Roman coins, two new fakes are on auction these days.

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The first one is from famous bulgarian fake dies (also published in: Prokopov Volume III, Agrippa no. 1), the same already discussed in this blog (go on the index “Rulers->Agrippa” on the left side of the main page of this blog to see them).

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Fake Agrippa circulating. Part 2

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An update for this: https://numismaticfakes.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/fake-nerva-and-agrippa-circulating-on-the-web/

Experts comment: “However they are minted coins, the dies are Bulgarian, also published by Ilya Prokopov in his books, I think is a Lipanoff study. I notice that lately forgers are often using real ancient flans.”

Source: http://www.lamoneta.it/topic/132683-bronzo-agrippa/

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