Alontion fake listed on auction. GRIECHISCHE MÜNZEN



A well known bronze modern forgery has been recently listed by by the german auction house Fritz  Rudolf Künker GmbH.

Gone unsold, Caveat Emptor for the future listings of this fake!

Experts comment: The original of this coin is really rare, the great mass of fakes sold of this type gave the illusion to collectors the piece was only just rare.

For analysis, comparisons, and many other samples of this fake, see:



EDIT: Here is another sample from the famous “YMSR Collection”.

(For those who do not know about  it, YMSR is a collection of sicilian fakes listed by the french auction house CGB on June 2014, and withdrawn after the critical comments of an expert writing on the main online numismatic boards (forvmancientcoins and


Here even more specimens of this modern fake sold as genuine by major german auction houses:



Another sample sold on ebay by a german seller….


One last comment, if auction houses, especially german, will not decide soon to put a serious limit to this invasion of fakes on their listings, they will be responsible for the future collapse of the numismatic market.