Fakes Agrippa (again) currently on auction.

Beware collectors of Roman coins, two new fakes are on auction these days.

agr tlf1agr span

The first one is from famous bulgarian fake dies (also published in: Prokopov Volume III, Agrippa no. 1), the same already discussed in this blog (go on the index “Rulers->Agrippa” on the left side of the main page of this blog to see them).

This time the auction house is british Continue reading “Fakes Agrippa (again) currently on auction.”

Fake tetradrachm of Philip III Arrhidaios currently on auction.

philip cng f.jpg

As spot by the cointalk member “ancientnut”, Classical Numismatic Group is currently listing a modern fake tetradrachm attributed to Philip III Arrhidaios, listed as “unlisted dies”, indeed struck by modern bulgarian dies.

Source: https://www.cointalk.com/threads/new-blog-numismaticfakes.277824/#post-2404952

Philip cng

At this link the match from forgery network: http://forgerynetwork.com/asset.aspx?id=Iyyb8~x~4zGvQ%3d


EDIT 25/04/2016: