The (fake) coinage of Lipara – Part IV

Hemilitron, reduced. CNS I.12

(At this link a genuine sample from BnF)

This case was already discussed on the Italian forum one year ago. The comparison says it all: here we are facing with modern forgeries struck by fake transferred dies. Coin 1 (Gorny & Mosch) is the host coin, coins 2 (Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH) and 3 (ACR Auctions) are fakes. The same obverse fake die was used to realize a forgery of CNS I.20 I will report in a future post.

Comparison Lipara 12.jpg

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Lipara fake recently sold on auction. GRIECHISCHE MÜNZEN

liparafake imgA modern fake has recently been sold by the German auction house Fritz  Rudolf Künker GmbH.

The coin was struck by modern fake dies (likely transferred) on a real ancient flan of Akragas. This is an “impossible” coin from a metrological point of view (5.94 g), the types should be for the tetras (8 known specimens according to Calciati, weights from 1.60 to 2.83 g).

Experts comment: “They have never seen a genuine one, neither sellers nor buyers. The akragantine flan is unconsistent with the coinage of Lipara.” Continue reading “Lipara fake recently sold on auction. GRIECHISCHE MÜNZEN”