The (fake) coinage of Petra

Sometimes ebay scammers are a good source to spot fakes sold by major auction houses. Today for example, I was looking at Continue reading “The (fake) coinage of Petra”


The (fake) coinage of Mamertini


I was inspired to write this post by a fake currently listed by the Italian auction house Numismatica Felisinea. Out of curiosity I examined the subject, and I realized that many fakes of Mamertini have been sold in recent years… Continue reading “The (fake) coinage of Mamertini”

New dies? No, fake dies!

Hard times for forgers now the online databases can help collectors to spot their frauds. You just need some good reference books, an internet connection, some patience, and some time to spend surfing online sales, ebay and auction databases.

For example tonight I was surfing and I saw on acsearch this bronze coin of Syracuse, struck under Pyrrhos…

Syracuse Pyrrhos Roma numismatics IV-1121.jpg

This coin was auctioned by the British auction house Roma Numismatics Limited on september 2012. The dies are not listed by Calciati or other reliable references about this coinage. So I just compared the type with the many modern dies sold on ebay in recent years, which I collected in a folder of my PC, and… Continue reading “New dies? No, fake dies!”