“Knallfalsch” sold!

Update to: https://numismaticfakes.wordpress.com/2016/04/14/new-calabria-taras-incuse-fake-griechische-munzen-italien-kalabrien-tarent/

Taras fake img

It wasn’t even enough the opinion by the major expert on Tarentine coinage, Wolfganfg Fisher-Bossert (who defined the coin”Knallfalsch”) to stop this shameful fraudulent sale. Continue reading ““Knallfalsch” sold!”


Taras unique and Unpublished gold coins? No, fakes! Previously on…

After publishing this article some days ago (https://numismaticfakes.wordpress.com/2016/04/23/taras-gold-fractional-unique-and-unpublished-no-fake/) I realized that on the italian board lamoneta.it other similar cases had already been discussed in the past years. I post here a summary. Continue reading “Taras unique and Unpublished gold coins? No, fakes! Previously on…”