Aitna – Addenda


Even more suspect samples like those seen in the previous posts, found today after a quick surfing on acsearch…

All the weights reported in the listings are different, so they are not the same coin.


ADDENDA to article Aitna

available at:

ait cngait cng f


Aitna cgb list


ADDENDA to article Aitna, Part 3

available at:

ait kunkait bussoait busso 2


EDIT: Another one from Dr. Ilya Prokopov’s Fake Ancient Coin Reports:


Aitna, Sicily, Æ Tetras
Obv:- Helmeted head of Athena right
Rev:- Horse prancing right, trailing rein; M above.
Castrizio series I, 1 (D1/R3); CNS 1; SNG ANS 1301.Sold as a reproduction on ebay January 2009


Aitna – Part 2

A real masterpiece… two fakes from the same workshop, sold by the same german auction house, one in 2012, another in 2014. Note that the earlier sold specimen is the one showing less encrustations. There are also other minor differences in devices and patina, here we are looking at two dangerous clones, not the same coin.


aitna busso 2012busso 14.jpg

aitna busso 2012faitna busso 2014f